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The Flash Technique 

There is much in this world for you.

As a therapist for over 17 years, I understand the struggle of those with trauma, and the way out of that struggle. I believe everyone is doing the best they can within their capacities, and sometimes the things we do to help our trauma become problematic and loom too large.


While I happen to have some education and tools to help, I have been on the journey of trauma healing myself so I know it can happen. I have training and experience in a lot of different modalities and my experience has taught me that one style does not work for all. I am an eclectic and adaptable therapist.

I have extensive experience working with parents of adult children that are not thriving, and individuals with trauma, anxiety and perfectionism. 

As a therapist for 15 years, I know how vital it is that we have someone to go to for guidance and support, yet it can also make us feel vulnerable.

I specialize in: 


Complex Trauma (often called c-PTSD)


When trauma happens, we might have strong protectors in our mind that tell us we're okay, yet our bodies tell a different story. We understand that the past is past, still our bodies feel like we're "there". Let's work together to unlock the grip of trauma so you can live right here, right now. 


With perfectionism it can be frightening to give up the iron grip we've had on our reality. Because let's face it, it's worked in a lot of ways. And yet, it's exhausting to be in a race against yourself. My belief is we are doing enough. We are enough. Let me show you the path towards embodying that belief.


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